Monday, September 07, 2009

8th Anniversary of September 11th Attacks- Still Many Unanswered Questions

The Fifth Annual 9/11 Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA Opens This Week, Held September 9th and 10th.

As we approach the 8th anniversary of the tragedy now known simply as 9/11, those who have studied the events of that day still have a significant body of historically documented unanswered questions. These people are not just "conspiracy theorists" or "crazy leftists." Rather, this group of healthy skeptics is comprised of concerned citizens, including professors, architects, engineers, former military and intelligence officers, airline pilots, scientists, theologians, college students from across many disciplines, and even some former members of the official commission and supporting staff itself.

The corporate mainstream media have largely ignored these issues, airing convenient and popular American myths instead of factual analysis put forth by scholars and independent thinkers, which was the the focus of Professors Huff and Rea in their study published in Censored 2009, Deconstructing Deceit. Given the significance of what these people and their ideas represent, we should all try to do our part to ask more questions and push for a truly independent investigation into the attacks and surrounding events of that day. Further, given the events of 9/11 themselves have been used to justify large swaths of public and foreign policy in ensuing years, it is even more crucial to examine critically and on the basis of facts the events of that day, regardless of where forensic evidence may lead. We owe it to ourselves as a free society to say "no more" to relentless hierarchical information control and propaganda.

This year, in Oakland, CA, the Fifth Annual 9/11 Film Festival will be held at the Grad Lake Theater on Wednesday and Thursday, September 9th and 10th. For more details about films and speakers, please see the festival website and blog.

"Truth comes as a conqueror only to those who have lost the art of receiving it as a friend." –Rabindranath Tagore

It's time for a real discussion and investigation. We have to look back in order to see forward with more clarity, more integrity, and more zeal.