Friday, June 01, 2007

W: "Don't Sell This on Ebay"

This is amazing. Even for Bush, the compassionate conservative.

So, W meets mom's of the fallen in his illegal, ill-planned war, gives them the Presidential Coin, then says, "Don't sell this on E bay." No kidding. For Memorial Day. To mom's of dead-kid soldiers. Really.

Is there anyone left that could possibly support this horrible, idiotic, shell of a man? Who among us in this country could say this is leadership? Who is that 25% or so after all this?

And while I don't often count myself among smug liberals that laugh at Bush's verbal gaffes (as it ignores how much direction he actually has- Mark Crispin Miller has a book on this, "The Bush Dsylexicon"), it's worth remembering that the W of above is the one below...

He said these things.

And even conservative pundits have noticed some of this national discussion, pondering the American Idiot, Boy King, as Bush critics have dubbed him. Yes, he said these, too.

We're in good hands...