Friday, April 20, 2007

Retropoll Begins New Poll

Impeachment and Retro Poll

Retro Poll exposes how the misrepresentation of public opinion works; and how that misrepresentation undermines US democracy.

Long before John Zogby asked the question, Retro Poll asked a national random sample in November, 2003 whether President Bush’s misleading the public and Congress in order to take the country into war was grounds for impeachment. Retro Poll asked this question again in April, 2004. In the first cases 40% said yes. In the second 39%.

Long before PIPA (University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes) compared peoples knowledge of whether Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, worked with Al Qaeda and was associated with the 9/11 attack and then compared their knowledge with their willingness to go to war against Iraq, Retro Poll had already done exactly that. In October 2002 before the U.S.invasion, we asked these necessary factual and opinion questions on this topic and reported that 2/3 of misinformed people would support an attack while 80% of the well informed people opposed going to war. In so doing, Retro Poll--for the first time--revealed how corporate media’s “spin”—not beliefs or ideology—was the more strongly related to the molding of USpublic opinion. And there is a lot more.

If you’ve never heard of us, go to and learn exactly how the corporate media use public opinion polling to distort the public’s views about most everything. If you come away still believing that most people are “conservative” or “moderate” or “apathetic,” you may need more work on your critical thinking skills. Before you ever again think of saying that the average American doesn’t care about war, peace, justice, look at Retro Poll. We may help you understand a different truth and beyond that, how the cultural distortion is effected.

Please join our e-mail list at Retropoll. And if you want to be a volunteer pollster between April 20-29, e mail


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