Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just need a little Feith for the Surge

Wow...a big break in posts, but so much has been going on, it's rough to know where to even begin...what would Molly say?

Iraq war architect, neocon, (and, according to General Tommy Franks, "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the Earth,")Doug Feith had a stellar weekend for being so, well, dumb. Even Fox News, a friendly camp, couldn't believe his capacity to deny reality about the mess in Iraq and pre-war intel gaffes. But, from Iraq to maybe Iran, we should have Feith in the surge? Not. Newsflash. The Feithfool need some time for reflection.

What a past couple of weeks! From the lies of Doug Feith to the current leaked GOP memo about how to continue distortion about Iraq and America's "enemies" abroad...so the GOP will solve Iraq's troubles by changing the subject. Red Herring anyone? My critical thinking students should be salivating over these free examples of logical fallacies in the public arena...meaning those cited specifically above ;)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. the MSM yawns over Feith and fawns over Anna Nicole Smith. When will we care about government lies that aren't about oral sex or blonde bombshells (from Clinton back to JFK, both Dems, hmmmm)?

But wait. Maybe we should broaden the picture? Just what does democracy mean anyway? Maybe this...

And...Historically, where are our purportedly "American" values of human rights and personal liberty? How about plain old dignity or integrity? Hmmm...

Just some things to consider...


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