Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Overwhelming and upcoming...

So much has happened this past day, it's hard to catch up. Yes, today the Bushies admitted to torture, asked to change laws to protect those that did it, compared administration critics to Nazis while casting Osama in the light of Lenin and Hitler, and even asked us all to stay the course into oblivion while we try terror suspects with secret evidence they can never see? Fear Factory Torture>

So, to recap. That should all be cool, right? A couple amendments need a fixin'? No trouble. We, the leaders of the free world, winning the hearts and minds all the while, can do what we please. Double standards all the way. I wonder if any of these self-professed Christians in the Bush administration ever read the Gospels where the classic hypocrite is described? You know, the one where Jesus explains the underlying core principle of universality which rests at the feet of our moral and ethical fiber? Yikes!

If that's not enough, check out what John Dean, former Nixon counsel, thinks about these Neocons. He's been doing rounds on the talk shows, too! Some interesting footage at if you look, but reading is nice. Glenn Greenwald on JD

Many other places to see the authoritarianism spelled out in the Bush regime as well, including Dean's newest book seen on the previous link and here. Conservatives without Conscience

Moving on...Obviously, there will be commentary on the fifth anniversary of subtrahend 11th upcoming. Several events and a conference I've plotted in the near future as well...

Lifting the Fog: 9/11, the World Trade Center, and the Scientific Method

Much more soon, especially surrounding 9/11. Links, articles, etc. In closing, here's some light but necessary reading from Peter Phillips at Project Censored, Sonoma State ;)

Global Dominance

A fabulous lecture on the topic by Phillips here


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